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The Vision

Our vision has always centred around creating a welcoming and relaxed environment thus allowing clients to fully heal their bodies. Word of our cozy clinic spread fast and the community support was nothing short of amazing. We quickly became the go-to place for aches/pains, injuries, or an hour of quiet time.

About Our Clinic


In 2014, we added a second treatment room and two more Registered Massage Therapists. In 2015, we grew again adding another two Registered Massage Therapists. In 2016 we nearly jumped over the moon after purchasing our building and solidifying our space in the community and allowing for yet another expansion.  We are now open seven days per week and offer direct billing for most insurance companies

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Why The Name?

The White Birch, named after owner Merissa Mason's grandfather whom grew up in Scotland and cherished all things nature, outdoors, and animals. 

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