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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage safely caters to your body through all stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of change both physically and mentally and taking an active role in both the prevention and care of anxiety and discomfort can lead to better outcomes for both you and your baby.

Your therapist can create a treatment plan to provide these benefits throughout your pregnancy:

Physical Comfort: Reduce muscle tension, stress on joints, improve musculoskeletal alignment, reduce swelling and reduce headaches

Emotional Health: Reduce pregnancy related anxiety, insomnia and symptoms of depression and stress

Baby's health: Increase circulation and nutrient delivery to baby and induce calm through mom and also through soothing gentle abdominal massage

Labour Preparation: Improve hip and pelvic alignment and reduce muscular tension​​

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can be just as beneficial as the care you received during pregnancy. After birth is also a transitional time of change for new moms physically and mentally. You can safely return to massage soon after vaginal birth and typically within 6 weeks after caesarian. Please consult with your obstetrician or midwife and your massage therapist prior to booking.

Your therapist can create a treatment plan to provide these benefits throughout your postpartum period:

Physical Comfort: Reduce muscle tension from infant care, improve musculoskeletal alignment, reduce postpartum swelling and facilitate a return to core and abdominal strength


Emotional Health: Increase relaxation, and decrease symptoms of postpartum blues and depression

Education: Providing ongoing treatment and self care techniques to increase effectiveness of treatment through stretching and strengthening

What to Expect

Your therapist can safely provide massage treatment for any stage of pregnancy as well as pre-pregnancy and post-partum by modifying treatment techniques and positioning. This means you (and your baby) can benefit from massage throughout all trimesters.

You will be positioned based on your stage of pregnancy and the areas you would like to be addressed. We believe on your side is often the safest positioning for you and your baby for the second trimester and beyond but your therapist will guide you through the whole process and provide extra pillows and support to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

All appointments for pre and post natal should be booked as "Prenatal Massage" and your therapist will consult with you as to your specific needs and prepare the treatment room prior to your arrival.

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