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Nicole Fitchtinger

Registered Massage Therapist

Nicole was born and raised in Brampton and just recently moved to Chippawa in 2021. She attended Fleming College and started her Massage Therapy career in 2017. As a RMT, Nicole offers a variety of techniques to meet each patient’s specific goals which include a mix of Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Functional Cupping Therapy and Indie Head Massage.

Her vast knowledge and passion for Anatomy and Physiology has helped her reduce pain and injury for her patients. She strives to give the best possible treatment to every client, focusing on the client’s main concerns. Seeing improvements in a patient’s day-to-day living and functional advancements is what makes her most motivated. Nicole is constantly looking for new ways to help treat and prevent injuries through ongoing research and continuing educational courses.

When she is not working she is probably off telling dad jokes or puns, going to the gym or watching movies!

Follow Nicole on Instagram (@nicolefichtingerrmt) to learn more about her treatments, at home self-care exercises, and stay up to date on her daily practice!

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